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Beethoven at Home: In Home, In Studio and Online Music Teachers

Beethoven at Home School of Music

Welcome to Beethoven At Home, Canada's leading provider of in-home music lessons, in-studio music lessons and online music lessons. With a strong in-person presence in Greater Vancouver, Toronto GTA, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Gatineau, and Montreal and beyond we offer personalized instruction across the nation, connecting you with our certified and background-checked professional music teachers. Nearly all of our team offer online learning making it possible for even the most remote Canadians to have the same level of instructor you would find in a major center.

Whether you're in one of our major service areas or anywhere else in Canada, our wide range of offerings ensures that you can find the perfect lesson for your needs. From piano lessons, voice and singing lessons, violin lessons, guitar lessons, cello lessons, bass lessons, clarinet lessons, flute lessons, oboe lessons, drum lessons, trumpet lessons or trombone lessons we have you covered. Even if you're interested in more exotic instrument instruction and are looking for an accordion teacher, bassoon teacher or even a tuba teacher, Beethoven At Home is here to fill your musical needs having worked with more than 3500 music teachers across Canada since 2007.

The Beethoven at Home experience began with a mission to help music teachers find clients and to ensure convenient and safe processes for clients. Since the outset we have grown every year and now safely represent the largest Canadian community of music teachers. We take great pride in offering policies that are fair to both teachers and clients. Our resources and site are state of the art and often represent original applications of technology to the Canadian business market. We are committed to customer satisfaction and our systems are the best and most convenient to clients nationwide.

Explore our site or register online to begin your musical journey. Parents and adult students across Canada have trusted our service for over 16 years to find music teachers that suit their personality and goals. Whether you're looking for music lessons near you in our major centers, online instruction from top pros or in-home music lessons in the comfort of your home, Beethoven At Home is your gateway to musical excellence. Join us today and let the fun begin!


Online Lessons

Most of our teachers are offering online music lessons using a videoconcerence app such as Zoom. You can view all online music teacher profiles by clicking VIEW

Lessons near your Home

Many of our teachers maintain a studio near your home or office location. Visitng a teacher in their studio offers the best economy and an out of home environment that may benefit some learners. Just enter your instrument and postal code into the yellow search bar at the top of the page and meet a few of our team that have studios near you to visit.

Lessons in Your Home

Chances are that we have a wonderful teacher that will visit your home. When your teacher visits your home there's no more time spent in traffic or waiting in waiting rooms. Families with multiple children appreciate the convenience especially and pay only one travel fee per visit as long as the lessons are in the same visit. Just enter your instrument and postal code into the yellow search bar at the top of the page and meet a few of our team that serve your area.



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